Our Motto:
“The Standard you walk past is the standard you accept”

Tok pisin translation:
“Pasin you lukim na lusim em pasin yu maikim na laikim”

Peuna promotes a safe and zero harm work environment.

Health and Safety is driven and led by Senior Management who engage with the greater Peuna workforce every morning without fail, to ensure that everyone understands the collective responsibility that we all have to ensure our work environment is safe.

Peuna Online Platform – Think Safety App

Peuna utilises an online HSE platform that is used across our multiple sites.

Our sites are kitted with smart devices that allow our teams to interactively own and share their safety.

The use of our app is written into our Occupational Health and Safety System and Peuna will be the first company in PNG to achieve ISO45001 and ISO 14001 with a fully interactive and integrated team application.