Field Services

Our dedicated team provide consultation, management and human resources to the PNG exploration market.

We are currently providing complex management services to a remote seismic base camp.

We’re also providing unique PNG experienced and remote seismic personnel to Oil and Gas operators with a vision to formalise these positions and the training required to nationalise these roles.

We are committed to our local content plan.

We have well over 100 years of combined on-the-ground, PNG, seismic industry experience and knowledge.

Project Management

The Peuna PNG team has extensive project management experience with proven ability to complete projects on time and within budget.

Our experience extends across a range of diverse industries, including event management, construction and oil and gas field services.

We provide remote-site project management expertise, specialising in civil and exploration projects.

Our reputation is in successfully supporting major oil and gas industry operators to undertake exploration and mining activities.

We work with trusted partner organisations to design and deliver turn-key field services – including site clearing, camp construction and management and local labour hire.

With our partners, we also provide integrated transport, logistics and supply chain solutions. As well as scheduling and infrastructure design, our team manages stakeholder relationships with all internal and external partners, employees and contractors.

We work with you to define your project objectives and refine your approach to suit your budget.

Peuna – creative and cost-effective solutions

Project Consultancy

We work with new business ventures and existing companies interested in moving into new areas in PNG, particularly in the oil and gas industries. For example, in oil and gas field services, our expertise has helped companies build their capacity. This enables them to become involved in broader scopes of work, including major corporate projects. We know the infrastructures and capacities needed for successful operation in PNG. Our team has a wealth of experience across a variety of local and multinational businesses and government services, and local councils and landowner companies in PNG.

We can help you identify any gaps in your business offerings and work with you to address any issues – for example, reputation, public perception, stakeholder management, safety culture and quality systems. We can also assist with accreditations, training and workforce solutions.

Peuna – trusted business relationships

Tender, Procurement & Contracting Services

With our in-depth experience of leading procurement teams, Peuna can contribute to your business growth by helping to complete and submit robust tender documentation. We can give you an edge by showcasing your capabilities against required scopes of work and ensuring that all documentation is compliant.

Peuna can also help your business select the right contractors, backed by our knowledge of local businesses and networks. Our systems ensure a transparent and value-for-money procurement process. We can assess your current providers and issue new tender requests if needed.

Our procurement and contracts personnel have extensive experience of working with government departments and corporations with large budgets.

We specialise in procuring value-for-money goods and services, negotiating contracts, and monitoring and managing contractors.

No matter how big or small your business is, our purchasing experience can benefit you. For example, we have helped small businesses clarify their project or service needs, then run Invitation

To Offer (ITO) processes to independently assess bids before recommending contractors and issuing service contracts. Ultimately this delivered savings and service improvements for them.

Peuna – finding the best people for your project

Outsourced Expertise to Complement Your Business

Partner with Peuna to access the right resources to deliver the right solutions. We’ve built strong working relationships with local, national and international organisations, backed by years of experience in PNG. Together with our trusted networks we can offer you a range of expertise, including:

• targeted sales and marketing to promote your products and services, including branding, web development and graphic design for brochures, flyers and events

• workforce training to enhance your capabilities and meet compliance requirements

• quality and safety auditing and support to obtain international accreditations and enhance your brand esteem

• integrated, end-to-end project support, such as transport, logistics and supply chain solutions to and from some of the most remote parts of PNG.

You won’t have to hire separate companies for each role. Peuna is your single point of contact and accountability. We manage the complete project, leaving you free to focus on what you do best.

Peuna – market insights and a network of experts

Local Business & Landowner Capacity Building

As a PNG-owned and locally established company, Peuna is committed to investing in local businesses and networks.

We work with a variety of businesses – from small local enterprises and landowner groups, through to large landowning companies – helping them build their capacity.

PNG’s property law, customary ownership and land leases can be complex for new investors. We instigate community engagement and consult traditional landowners.

All stakeholders are informed about your project proposal – meaning no unexpected surprises to impact on your timeline.

Peuna also works with PNG landowner companies to encourage them to provide a robust, sustainable business structure that can boost their operations outside their traditional ownership area.

Our procurement and contracts personnel have worked on indigenous capacity-building projects in PNG and Australia. We also have experience in developing local content and training plans to support local businesses and communities to benefit from major government and corporate projects.

Peuna – increasing your scope to trade in the wider PNG market