Innovative and tailored business, project and facility management solutions.

Peuna PNG Limited (‘Peuna’) formed with a vision to provide innovative and tailored business, project and facility management solutions for clients in Papua New Guinea.

Peuna is established in Port Moresby and is a PNG operated business with a history of working across a range of business areas.

We are committed to supporting local businesses and developing the PNG workforce. Our specialist team are all locally based, with skills honed from decades of experience in the PNG business landscape.

We offer our clients innovative ideas for today’s enterprise trends, which is balanced with our local knowledge, skills and networks to support their success.

Our services include:

  • Facility and Resource Management
    • Camp Construction and Management
    • Camp Catering and Maintenance
    • Logistics Coordination and Management
    • Resource Management
    • Real Estate Rental Agency
    • Commercial Property
    • Business and Accommodation Centre
  • Consultancy (Special Projects)
    • Project Management Services
    • Sales and marketing consultation and representation
    • Business consultancy
    • Tender, procurement and contracting services